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University Coursework


November 2011 to December 2011

Task Management Application

The College App is a tool to help students access the information and complete the college application process. It approaches the problem with the recognition that the task of applying to multiple colleges requires the applicant to seek out a lot of information, manage a complex process, and meet a series of requirements and deadlines. A starting assumption of this project is that not all students have the same access to the resources to help them work through this process.

Responsibilities: Design of interactive prototype

Application Functions

To meet this need, the application provides three main functions. First it serves as a single location where college applicants can learn about the entire process. Second, provides a tool for searching for and selecting schools. Finally it provides a dashboard to help students manage the array of different information and deadlines required in the process.

Paper Prototype

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Group project with Sarah Webster and YooJin Kim


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Interactive Prototype