Could You Please?


University Coursework


September 2011 to December 2011

Task Management Application

Group project that focuses on the feasibility and usability of a web-based task management program called “Could you Please…?” We primarily used interviewing and usability testing methods. Usability tests allow us to gauge both a subjects understanding of the application’s purpose and his or her experience with the program albeit a negative or a positive experience. We performed several stages of observation and user feedback as well as iterated on our design. We designed a paper prototype and two interactive prototypes for the project. The group designed a web application that creates, stores, and manipulates “to do” lists. Members receive points when accomplishing a task.

Responsibilities: Usability testing and initial product design

Project Presentation

To see the project presentation click this link.

Paper Prototype

Welcome Screens

General Interface


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Group project with Panagis Papadatos and Tansy Peplau


Group paper