Could You Please?


University Coursework


September 2011 to December 2011

Task Management Application

Group project that focuses on the feasibility and usability of a web-based task management program called “Could you Please…?” We primarily used interviewing and usability testing methods. Usability tests allow us to gauge both a subjects understanding of the application’s purpose and his or her experience with the program albeit a negative or a positive experience. We performed several stages of observation and user feedback as well as iterated on our design. We designed a paper prototype and two interactive prototypes for the project. The group designed a web application that creates, stores, and manipulates “to do” lists. Members receive points when accomplishing a task.

Responsibilities: Usability testing and initial product design

Project Presentation

To see the project presentation click this link.

Paper Prototype

Welcome Screens

General Interface


Group project with Panagis Papadatos and Tansy Peplau


Group paper