Gowalla Usability Test


University Coursework


September 2011 to December 2011

Usability Study

With the growth of social networking services such as LinkedIn and Facebook, one wonders if there is a way to incorporate such enthusiasm to design a service that utilizes the resources and knowledge of those in academic and research fields. For example, a professor might not know that someone else in a different department at his or her university shares a similar research focus. If a program were available to easily locate such people, it could make research more efficient by augmenting previous time spent finding such people via the Internet or various departmental websites.

Responsibilities: Usability testing

Usability Test

To read the analysis of the Gowalla usability test click this link.


Group project with Panagis Papadatos, Tansy Peplau, and Kevin Vigneault


Group paper
Group Presentation
Usability Test