University Coursework


March 2012 to May 2012

Dynamic Ride-Sharing Prototype

We propose a solution that overcomes the difficulties that current ridesharing services have at fulfilling the needs of all types of commuters in urban areas. Current services are primarily designed to meet the needs of people who follow a fixed commute schedule. This denies a commuter the ability to share or request rides. Consequently, our solution is a feature called “Instant Ride” that allows for last-minute carpooling.

Responsibilities: Design of prototype and usability testing. Final report (including final editing).

Login Screen
Rating Screen
Search Results
Get a Ride Screen
Offer a Ride
Offer a Ride (Confirmation)
Instant Ride Screen
Instant Ride Interactions
Settings Interactions
Search Results Interactions


Group project with Mohamed Mohideen, Kazi Minhazur Rahman, and Adeel Aijaz Bhatti


Group paper