Twitter: For Curation


University Coursework


January 2012 to May 2012

Using Twitter as a Curation Filter to Overcome Information Overload

As readily available information has increased exponentially in each of the last five decades, the problem of information overload has increasingly worsened (Carlson, 2003). Information overload is described as “a subjective experience of the insufficiency of time needed to make effective use of information resources available in specific situations” (Savolainen, 2007). Ho and Tang (2001) argue that there are serious implications of information overload since it can affect an employee’s performance and therefore stunt a business’s productivity. In extreme cases, information overload can even cause health damage and “technostress” (Bawden and Robinson, 2009; Carlson, 2003).

Responsibilities: Primary researcher and paper editor


Group project with Yonas Beshawred, Laura Rogers, and Kevin Vigneault


Group Paper