Weather-Related Delay Analysis at Harstfield Jackson International Airport


University Coursework


September 2012 to October 2012

Data Visualization of Weather-Related Airport Delays

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) collects a wide range of monthly data from US-certified air carriers that report on-time arrival and departure data for non-stop domestic flights. Since the source of data comes from the airlines themselves, we decided to use a more objective data source, ASDI, because airlines typically use flexible padding times to refrain from reporting long delays. Nevertheless, one of the difficulties of sensor data is sensor data’s massive size because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) distributes over seven million ASDI messages per day. In order to utilize only necessary pieces in this data, an extensive amount of data cleaning and transformation was performed. Some of the attributes included in this subset of ASDI data are flight date, flight time, aircraft type, equipment, departure airport, arrival airport, estimated arrival time, estimated departure time, actual arrival time, actual departure time, aircraft id, air carrier, arrival state, departure state, delay, and ICAO code.

Responsibilities: Paper editing, data visualization

Data Visualizations

Bar Chart


Group project with Samet Ayhan


Data Visualization Paper